What are QR CodesInformation and Content Written By Paul Matsumoto

What Are QR Codes Exactly?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that seem to be popping up almost everywhere you look. These codes can be found in magazines, on websites, on retail products, on clothing, and on business cards and many other places. The information encoded in a QR code can only be read via a web-enabled smartphone. The smartphone must also be equipped with a camera and a QR reader must be installed.

The QR stands for quick response codes. The QR barcode can be scanned using a smartphone and the reader produces information in the code instantly. The users can then visit the URL, view the images or video, or obtain whatever information has been encoded. Typically the barcodes are square in shape and black and white in color. They have two large squares in the upper right- and left-hand corners and another in the lower left-hand corner. The center is filled with smaller black squares on a white background.

The information a person might find in the code can vary depending on the individual or business owner that created it. The code might contain company history, consumer discounts or promotions, or just contact details.

Before incorporating QR codes you should install and try various readers. This will help you see how different scanners work and which will work best with the generated QR code for your business. This will allow you to add instructions with your code in order to direct people to a scanner that works with that certain code along with how they can get a QR scanner for a smartphone.

QR codes are easy and most times free to create. All it takes is a free QR code generator and a little creativity. The codes can actually save businesses a little money on advertising and you can be creative, add color, and even your business logo. There are also free applications available for the smartphones.

The possibilities for uses are almost endless and the more popular this technology becomes the more creatively it will be used. As of now you may notice them on websites, in print ads, and on product labels but recently I seen one incorporated in a motorcycle design which I thought was a very clever way to use a QR code.

The use of these codes is still relatively new but anyone can utilize this technology in their marketing campaign. You can link your social media pages, website, blog, and personal information making it even easier for consumers to contact you. You can link to how to videos, recipes, other helpful websites, or just about anything you like.

You may notice on some codes a shortened URL. Many will advise you to shorten a URL and others advise you otherwise. The decision is yours and should be based on your target audience. As with many aspects there are a lot on scams out there and some people may be reluctant to scan a code if the full URL is not shown. Keep that in mind when trying to gain a bigger customer base.

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