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Use QR Code Stickers to Make a Statement

Quick response codes have existed since the 1990s but have only been apparent in the United States for a few years. These codes are two-dimensional and contain encrypted information. When the code is scanned via smartphone with a QR code reader installed, the person is directed to a URL or other valuable information.

QR codes come in different sizes but are usually square with two large squares in the upper right and left corners and one in the lower left corner. There are small pixilated-looking squares in the center and the background is white. More and more generators are making it to where colors can be changed and logos can be added in the center allowing users to be more creative with the design.

(QR code stickers) can be created and used by anyone. They are easy to create and are a great marketing for businesses both large and small. The codes can store anything from a simple URL address to photos or videos. They can be added to business cards, websites, signs, and even clothing.

How do you create (QR code stickers)?

It’s simple and easy. There are many QR code generators available online. Here’s a list of a few you may want to try:

You simply enter the information you want to share and generate your code. You can then download, print, or email it.

Stickers are a great place for your new QR code. They can be placed on your laptop, business card, cell phone, signs, backpacks, brochures, newsletters and more.

The information you decide to include in your QR code completely depends on your goals. If you’re in real estate you may consider directing buyers to a website with information about the neighborhood of the home for sale. If you’re a retailer you can place codes on products that may need a how to install video or on a store front sign directing customers to a website where they can shop for your products online. Pet owners can even create QR codes with their pet’s information and put it on tags for their collar!

Using QR codes on stickers give you the ability to place them anywhere but be sure not to stick them in areas that would be considered unacceptable such as someone else’s personal property. You also want to be sure that you include instructions on how to scan the code on the sticker. QR code technology is still relatively new and many people are not comfortable using it yet. Something else to keep in mind is that the QR code should direct people to a mobile optimized website so it is easier for them to view on their smartphone.

QR code stickers are an interesting and fun way to expand your marketing campaign. Remember to be creative, include instructions, and provide valuable information.

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