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What Types of QR Code Software is Available?

By now you are probably wondering what type of QR code software is available. I have compiled a list of five of the best QR code reader software. After reading through the list and reading more about each one, you can determine which reader software will best suit your personal needs. These are among the highest rated software for QR codes.

  • I-Nigma – I-nigma can be downloaded directly to your phone by visiting here. It will detect whether your phone is compatible automatically or you can choose to have a text message sent which will contain the information you need. You can also check to see if your phone is compatible by visiting here.
  • BeeTagg – Visit here to automatically detect whether your phone is compatible with this software. Supported models include all versions of Nokia Symbian, Blackberry, Android, iOS and more.
  • UpCode – UpCode can be downloaded right to your mobile phone by visiting here or you can have a text message containing the information you need to your phone. To see if your phone is compatible visit here.
  • QuickMark – QuickMark is the reader I have installed on my phone. So far, it has worked with every code I have scanned but some phones may not be compatible. You should visit the website for more details.
  • Lynkee – Visit here to download this reader to your mobile phone. To view if your phone is compatible visit here.

There is a lot of QR code software available for download. Search your phones marketplace for QR code readers or QR code scanners to find more. Most are available for free or at a low-cost.

Once you’ve found the perfect reader and have it installed, find some QR codes to test. All you will need to do to test them is to open the application, point the camera at the code, and wait for it to scan so you can read the encoded information.

Some codes may direct you to a website; some may provide you with some sort of coupon or deal, virtual tours, videos, company history, and a vast amount of other information. Scanning the codes can be a lot of fun, especially when think of it as getting “secret” information.

If you’re looking into incorporating QR codes into your business make sure you know which software applications are compatible with the code. Your customers will appreciate knowing exactly which code to download and where they can find it. They will also appreciate a QR code which provides them something of value. This can include more in-depth information about your company, personalized videos, and even consumer discounts. Making sure your code provides something of interest will likely help generate more scans. If you’re unsure as to what your code should include, brainstorm and do not fear your imagination.

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