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How to Use QR Codes to Organize Social Media

Typically businesses or individuals have many different social media pages in which there seems to be a million usernames and passwords to keep up with. What if you could combine your Facebook fan page, Twitter page, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, and many others on one website and then create a QR code for that website giving people access to everything all in one place? You can.


About.Me allows you to create a profile and link to all of your social media pages. It’s free and simple to use. Having everything in one place helps keep things organized and makes accessing these pages easier for customers. Once you’ve created your page and linked to all of your media profiles, you can take the URL and use it to create a QR code. Then place the QR code in your marketing campaign making contact a simple process as long as the customer has a web-enabled smartphone with a QR code reader installed.

Skanz is another website in which you can combine all of your contact details, including social media pages, into one area. Registration is simple and free. The difference between About.Me and Skanz is that Skanz allows you to generate a QR code for your profile on their website. This QR code can then but put on cell phone cases and wrist bands which can be scanned by a smartphone. The codes can also be placed on stickers which can be placed just about anywhere.

When someone scans the code they will have access to whatever information you want to share such as your Facebook page, phone number, etc. You can choose to leave the page public or you may want to consider password protecting it so that only those that you give the password to can have access the information. Using a password is great for individuals whom may want to only share this information with certain people but businesses may want to keep the information public.

Using a social QR code as a networking platform can be a good business practice as it leverages the capabilities of higher data storage and allows more information to be shared. Once you’ve created your QR code it can be put on stickers, clothing, or any other marketing materials. You can then try an analytic tool to monitor how well your offline marketing efforts are working from the QR code scans.

QR codes can be used by restaurants, print media, bloggers, small business owners, real estate agents and more. They can be placed pretty much anywhere and many people are more than happy to test new technology. If you are creative with your code, the amount of people who scan it will increase. These codes are a great tool for your marketing campaign and if you haven’t started using them yet you should give them a try to see how well they can work in your marketing efforts.

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