Safe and Educational Computer Games for KidsInformation and Content Written By Paul Matsumoto

The Internet is a fascinating place providing a wealth of information. You can find answers to questions you may have, learn of places you've never been, and even socialize with your friends. The world-wide web may often seem like a scary place but by practicing Internet safety and making sure your parents give you permission to visit certain websites, you can have an educational yet fun online experience. Even though you learn about math, science, and other topics in school, the Internet also provides an entertaining way to continue learning when you are home. This article contains links to school subjects such as math, science, English, the environment, and safety games which are educational and safe for students of all ages. As always, ask your parent’s permission before playing any of the games below. These games should prove to be enjoyable for everyone.


Math includes addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, decimals, and anything dealing with numbers. Math can be difficult especially when it comes to memorizing multiplication problems but learning is easy and fun with these games. These links will provide entertainment while sharpening your math skills. With continued game play and practice you will be able to master your next math text without worry. Math is needed in many career fields when you grow older and is very important in everyday life such as telling time or counting money.


Science is a fascinating subject. In science you learn about the moon, stars, and the earth. You learn about planets, dinosaurs, and the human body. You learn how things work by conducting science experiments and you learn how to conduct your own science projects. These links will provide more fun ways to explore and learn science. Ever wonder what makes roller coasters work or why we dream? These links will help you answer those questions and many more. Science is a lot of fun, especially when you participate in hands on activities. 


In English you learn how to read and write. You learn meanings of words and how to spell them. You learn how to combine words to make sentences and how to punctuate sentences properly. If you develop strong English skills you may become an English teacher or even a famous writer. Without learning the alphabet and knowing how to combine letters to make words, reading would be very difficult. These games will help you develop a better vocabulary and provide you with the ability to win your next school spelling bee.


It’s important to stay safe as much as possible. Smokey the Bear and McGruff the crime dog are two characters who like to teach you all about safety. These links will provide fun ways to learn about staying safe while using the Internet, riding the bus, choosing a Halloween costume, and working on the farm.


Our environment is the place in which we live. In order to maintain a safe and healthy place to live, we need people, including kids like you, to help our environment. This can include doing simple tasks like turning off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth, or even going as far as growing your own garden.