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How Are QR Codes Used In Real Estate?

Everyday homeowners in the United States are facing foreclosure. Real estate agents have to sell these properties but with the economy being in such a negative state it’s not always easy to do. An agent has to come up with creative, new ways to sell and this can be done by incorporating the use of a QR code. Real estate agents can use QR codes to sell while maximizing their time and the time of the buyer.

The price of advertising can be costly and agents need a return on their investment. The use of these codes can help save on the high cost while giving the buyer a different experience while shopping for their new home with a simple scan of the code using their smartphone.

Agents can use these codes to direct buyers to a website that will allow them to see pictures, take tours of the home, watch videos, and view other properties for sale. With the ability to view so much information about the property without an agent being present, it is more likely that only buyers that are truly interested in the home will make a call to the agent, which in turn means the agent has a better chance of making a sale. 

There are a few things to keep in mind before adding QR codes to your real estate marketing campaign.

  1. Any web page the code directs a person to, must be optimized for mobile phone use.
  2. The person must have a cellular phone that is web-enabled, have the ability to take photos, and have the ability to run applications.
  3. The person must also have QR code reader installed on their smartphone.

The codes can be added to property signs, business cards, websites, or any other place you choose to advertise your real estate business. By now you may be wondering how you can create your own QR code to use in your real estate marketing campaign. You can simply do a Google search for QR code generators and find many online for free. You may also enjoy reading more on how to generate your own QR code here.

QR codes originated in Japan but are becoming more and more popular in other countries. Smart phones are continuing to grow and the more people learn and understand QR codes the more often they will likely use this technology. Using QR codes can save you time and money on advertising. By being creative and providing buyers with need or want to know information you will save them time and money as well and this is something they are sure to appreciate. If you’re not already using this new technology, consider giving it a try. Create some codes, give it a test run and see how well it works for you. Along the way you will likely become an expert on this technology within your industry.

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