Paul Matsumoto

I am originally from Japan but my mother and father moved our family here when I was only four months old. Despite this, I barely speak Japanese. My parents refused to speak it in our household while I was growing up because they wanted me to learn the language I would be using at school. They even hired a tutor. My childhood friends were usually surprised when they came over to my house because my parents have such strong accents and I have none at all.

I first became aware of QR codes back in 2005 when I visited Japan. They were everywhere: vending machines, storefronts, ads, billboards, on products themselves. Back then I didn’t have the technology to scan them so I did some research. I was impressed by how versatile they were and I was hoping and praying U.S. companies would start utilizing them too. When the craze was in its early stages in 2009, I was scanning codes like it was my job – like if I didn’t, they would disappear. My lunch breaks were like half-hour QR code scavenger hunts. Now that I can blog about them when I’m not working at my day job I’m living a dream come true.

Some more information about me for those who care to know: I’m a big fan of graphic novels, particularly the works of Neil Gaiman and especially the Sandman series. I also really like American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. It hit WAY too close to home for me. My favorite food is pizza. I worked at a pizza shop when I was in high school. People say that when you make the foods you like professionally, you stop liking those foods. That is not true, not if the food is good enough.