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15 QR Code Generators and Scanners

A QR code company would be any company that makes creating, decoding, or scanning a QR code easier. Because these codes are being seen and used more often, more companies are catering to the needs of businesses and consumers by offering free generators and scanners.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes which contain encrypted information. Depending on where you find the QR code will determine what type of information it contains. For instance, if it is found on a real estate sign it may contain the agents contact details, other properties for sale in the surrounding area, or neighborhood demographics. If the code is found on product packaging it may link to recipes, nutritional information, or consumer discounts.

Most of these codes can be created by anyone or any business large or small. They can be found on business cards, websites, and even vehicle decals. You will notice them because almost all tend to be black on a white background and square in shape. There are two large black squares in the right and left upper-hand corners and one large black square on the lower left-hand corner. The center is filled with black pixilated type squares. The codes can only be scanned by a web-enabled smartphone which has a QR code reader installed.

Here’s a list of QR code companies that offer reader software for your smartphone. Most are free to download and scan multiple types of barcodes.

QR code generators:

QR code generators can be found by doing a Google search. There are many available but a few you may want to try include:

The use of QR codes is increasing in North America and more companies will begin to cater to the need for generators and readers. Compatible readers can be found for any smartphone operating system but these are a few you may want to begin with. Before installing a reader on your phone make sure to do a little research to find one best suited for your phone.

QR code scanners only work with web-enabled smartphones. There must be a camera on the phone and compatible software must be installed. Not all software will work with every code so you may want to test a few different ones. I have QuickMark installed on my phone and it has worked with most but not all codes I have scanned.

If you are a small business owner, try incorporating QR codes into your marketing campaign and track them. You may be surprised by the benefits and it’s a great way to bring offline customers online to your website.

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