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How to Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Business Cards Using QR Codes

It’s always good practice to carry around business cards, especially when you’re a business owner. These cards provide all of your contact details and can be handed out to anyone that may be interested in the products you sell of the service you provide. The problem with business cards is that usually they are limited to sharing a certain amount of information.

What is you could add a QR code with all the extra information to the back of your business card? Any printing company has the ability to make a QR code business card, all you have to do is provide the code.

How do you provide this code?

The first thing you need to do is generate a QR code. This can be done by using a free generator like the one at QRStuff.com. If you plan on using any video or photos you want to have the URL or link to them ready. You also want to make sure that any website you might link to is optimized for mobile viewing.

Once you know exactly what you intend to add in your code, go to the generator website and fill in the information. Once you have provided the necessary QR code business card information and chosen the colors, you can generate the code. After the code has been generated be sure to test it before you start having it printed on anything.

Visit the app store for your phone and install QuickMark. It’s free and works with the codes generated at QRStuff. After you have that installed, open the application and scan the barcode. Make sure all the information is correct and if you’re happy with the results, download your code and save it to your computer. This makes the code easy to access later.

While you are still on the QRStuff website, you can choose to go ahead and print your QR code business cards there. You can also have your code printed on hats, mugs, tote bags, and bumper stickers. If you choose to wait and use your code later, you can easily print it out and take it to a local printing company or find one online.

Adding your QR code to your business card is a fun way to bridge your online and offline marketing efforts. The QR codes distributed offline can be tracked so you can see which code brings in the most traffic and which isn’t working well at all. You can then evaluate your marketing campaign and make adjustments in any area that’s needed.

Remember to make sure any web pages your code links to are easy to view via a mobile phone, add instructions to your code that can be read without the mobile software and let people know how to scan the code and where they can get a compatible reader. Last but not least, remember people love information and great deals so make sure whatever you link your code to be creative.

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