About QRCodeSoftware.org Information and Content Written By Paul Matsumoto

I would first like to start by saying welcome to QRCodeSoftware.org. I hope you find the information here helpful and informative as my goal is to educate and help others.

I spend a lot of time online doing research and I noticed these odd square black and white images all over the place. Unsure as to what they were, I started my journey to find out.

What I ended up finding is that they are called quick response or QR codes and they can be used and made by anyone. After making codes for friends and educating them on how they can use them for their own business, I decided I would also blog about my experience in order to help anyone who may need help understanding and generating their own QR codes.

What will you find here?

This blog is dedicated to anything and everything revolving around these codes. You will learn how to recognize them and a little history behind them, how you can find the tools to generate codes, where to find tools to scan them, as well as instructions on making your own.

You will find information on how to use these codes in business such as restaurants, retail, real estate and more. You will find information on places you can use your codes and ways to bring the best benefits from their use.

You will learn creative ways to add information to your QR codes such as videos and photos and the best ways to make the codes viewable on mobile phones. You will also find information on what type of items these codes can be printed on and more.

My goal is to help make complicated technology easy to understand by sharing my personal experience and knowledge.